University of Chitral Journal of Sociology (UOCHJS) has been launched under the umbrella of the University of Chitral, Chitral, Pakistan. UOCHJS aims include:

  1. Aims in particular to promote research activities carried out by the University of Chitral such as:
  • Providing an opportunity to students of University of Chitral to publish their research work
  • To explore the socio-economic structure of Chitrali society
  • To explore the various traits, dimensions, and uniqueness of Chitrali social structure and culture
  • To provide an impetus to the culture of research in the University of Chitral
  1. General aims:
  • Publishing research work of M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars in social sciences in Pakistan.
  • Providing an impetus to social research in Pakistan.
  • Identification, exploration, and description of various social problems prevailing in Pakistani society.
  • Publishing research work of foreign scholars to promote the culture of research in Pakistan.

The scope of the journal is:

  • Publishing research with specific reference to the Chitrali society
  • Publishing research with regard to social structure e.g. research related to family, religion, culture, education, political structure, economic structure, socialization, personality development, social changes, development, social interaction, social problems etc.