Impact of Stress on Workforce Interim of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) in Pakistan

  • Samia Shams M.Phil, Business Administration, NCBA&E, Lahore
  • Muhammad Hamza Master in Human Resource Management, Virtual University of Pakistan
  • Sumaira Bibi Abbottabad UST, Ph.D. Scholar, Pakistan Studies
  • Samrah Shams Ph.D. Scholar Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Arooj Ul Hassan BDS, MPH, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry, University College of Medicine & Dentistry, UOL
  • Bisma Jameel M.Phil, Psychology, NCBA&E, Lahore


Background: increase in stress among workforce is common phenomenon during emergency days. COVID-19 created a scenario which increased the stress level among health workers in Pakistan. The aim of this study to measure the impact of stress on the workforce due to Corona Virus Disease in Pakistan.

Methods: Quantitative research and cross-sectional study was done which included a sample size of (N=710) by using convenient sampling from Health workers across the country. A pre-validated questionnaire is used to collect data for the assortment of data from Google Performa via email for results and analysis of the study. The current study used an analysis method ranging from descriptive analysis, reliability analysis, and regression analysis. The data has been analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version SPSS-20.  

Findings: The study results show that the stress in the workforce is positively and significantly (P<.05) related to the COVID pandemic.

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