The Impact of Facebook Usage on the Class Participation of Students at University Level

  • Basit Ali, Mr Ph.D Scholar Department of Sociology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan
  • Arab Naz, Dr University of Malakand
Keywords: Social media, Impact, Concentration, Academic Performance


Social Media specifically (Facebook) is one of the dominant aspects of media which has been accessible to all kind of people today. Among the subscribers of Facebook students are on the forefront. Various studies have been conducted on the effects of social media while this research study has specifically focused the effects on the class participation of students. The study has been delimited to the social sciences faculty, university of Peshawar which is the major university of the province and has diversity in students. This study is quantitative in nature whereby the researcher has adopted quantitative procedures and techniques used for sampling, data collection and data analysis. All the graduate and post graduate students of social sciences both males and females, who were  preferring to stay on Facebook for three or more than three hours in a day were the target population of researcher. In total of 2800 students a sample size of 300 has been selected while the data was collected through questionnaires by simple random sampling method. The primary data has been analysed and inferences has been drawn in the form of percentages and frequency distribution. The theoretical framework has been discussed in the light of user gratification theories having strong relation with the core concept of research study. Findings of the study show that excessive social media usage specifically Facebook have negative impact on the class participation among students such as the concentration and preparation for class. This research study noted that students could not give proper attention to there in activities in class because they remain anxious about their shared items on facebook. This research study recommends that excessive users must have to with draw themselves by limiting social media and Facebook gradually.

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