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Vol 0 No 01 (2020): The Sociology of COVID-19

COVID-19 is an outbreak which is significanlty affecting the socio-economic life across the globe. Scientists across the globe are working to cope with it, searching for possible cure and vaccine. The outbreak has now turned into pandemic, and the world has realized the consequences of modernity in each and every field of life by realizing the rapid spread of the virus across the globe. In this connection, this issue of UOCHJS is devoted to know the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of COVID-19 particularly from sociological perspective.

Published: 2020-07-26
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University of Chitral Journal of Sociology (UOCHJS) has been launched under the umbrella of the University of Chitral, Chitral, Pakistan. UOCHJS aims include:

  1. Aims in particular to promote research activities carried out by the University of Chitral such as:
  • Providing an opportunity to students of University of Chitral to publish their research work
  • To explore the socio-economic structure of Chitrali society
  • To explore the various traits, dimensions, and uniqueness of Chitrali social structure and culture
  • To provide an impetus to the culture of research in the University of Chitral
  1. General aims:
  • Publishing research work of M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars in social sciences in Pakistan.
  • Providing an impetus to social research in Pakistan.
  • Identification, exploration, and description of various social problems prevailing in Pakistani society.
  • Publishing research work of foreign scholars to promote the culture of research in Pakistan.

The scope of the journal is:

  • Publishing research with specific reference to the Chitrali society
  • Publishing research with regard to social structure e.g. research related to family, religion, culture, education, political structure, economic structure, socialization, personality development, social changes, development, social interaction, social problems etc.